Unique technique, built on changing the internal attitude, subconscious impact and attracting of luck when solving gaming tasks

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There are people who are given to receive different values from life, money, appearance, family, everything is given easily to them. And there is a majority to whom the same is given hard and with difficulty. Why? The answer is that the "lucky" in their past lives have "worked" their karma and now they have the peak of "receiving rewards". If people go breaking bad on the occasion of their easy life and "miss" the reward, then in the next life they will again join the ranks of the majority.

How do people lose out of life? And why?
People lose because they have bad karma and negative programs. In fact, negative programs and an unsuccessful horoscope can be viewed as a consequence of some main reason in the past. Even if a person makes an effort and earns, the money will drain from the hands. Moreover, he will spend most of his money on emotions on something that he will later regret.

What to do? To give up and do nothing?
We advise not to lose heart, but to work out the ability to behave correctly when falling, keeping consciousness and clarity of thinking without emotions (and emotions are the same effect of internal negative programs, they deprive self-control). Thus, without losing internal and external recursions and getting ready for recovery, a person becomes immune to negative programs and circumstances of life. This is the skill, which is develope at our trainings.

So how to get more from life?
Our trainings teach this. For example, the idea of one training is that in case of an "unsuccessful" time you need to make small bets, they are also an indicator of the approximation of a "successful" band. And when the signal for the transition to a "good" time is obtained, you need to increase the rates in order to maximize profits. So, in life everything is the same. When there is a "gray" time of life, you need to "keep loses" and monitor the costs, and with the "white" time try to squeeze out of themselves and their current success to the maximum. So wealthes is create.
In theory, some people understand this, but ... do not use it. Having received this knowledge, they are first "enlightened", and then the effect is pass out to the lack of skill in the use of knowledge. Trainings make it possible to consolidate the skill in the subconscious mind, so that it works automatically, like the driving skill of a car.

How do these successes trainings works?
According to the law of the Golden Pyramid, the training is divided into three zones and three levels. The lower levels are preparatory, the upper levels are interlocking. The transition from level to new level carries out its distinctive new subconscious processes. The new levels are no worse and no better than the previous ones, the trainings are all different and each works in conjunction with others, creating the ultimate whole matrix of success.



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